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Having problems with users tying up computers by leaving them locked in a multi-user environment?

Need to audit use of a generic Windows account?

Specify which users can access a locked Windows workstation.

Product Description:

Unlock Administrator is a security configuration tool that allows a system administrator to specify exactly which users are allowed to unlock a Windows workstation. A computer desktop can be locked in a number of ways including pressing the "Lock Computer" button from the "Ctrl-Alt-Del" menu or configuring Windows to automatically lock the system when the screensaver runs. By default, Windows only allows the current user to unlock the computer. An administrator can unlock the computer; however, the current session will be closed along with all the applications started by that user. As a result, any unsaved work is lost. Users often must resort to powering a system down to regain access.

Unlock Administrator circumvents this problem by offering system administrators the flexibility of specifying which users can fully unlock a computer, as well as which users can unlock the computer forcing the current session to close.

Unlock Administrator works in conjunction with Microsoft's Windows Graphical Identification and Authentication library (GINA) and uses Window's security system to authenticate users, which results in a seamless integration with Windows. In addition, Unlock Administrator does not store or manage user's passwords; any password policy mandated by Windows is inherently respected.

For added security, both successful and unsuccessful unlocking attempts can be logged as Window's Events or written to a file leaving a detailed security trail. Unlock Administrator can also be configured to prevent non-administrative users from unlocking an administrator's session and it also allows the system administrator to specify exactly who can configure these settings.


Features of "Unlock Administrator" for Windows:

  • Ability to log both successful and failed unlock requests
  • Option to prevent non-administrators from unlock administrator's session
  • Ability to limit program configuration to selected users
  • Supports local and global user groups
  • Seamless integration with Microsoft Windows
  • Ability to run scripts when locking, unlock or logging users off
  • Can be managed remotely using Group Policy Objects GPOs
  • Allows you to set automatic locking on a PER MACHINE basis.
  • Assists compliance with federal regulations such as HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, Gramm-Leach-Bliley, and FISMA.
  • Ideal for use with generic or group accounts.


Download a free evaluation copy now!

   Unlock Administrator (v. 2.42)     
for Win 2000/XP/2003


Download from


Unlock Administrator Elite(v. 3.20)
for Vista/2008/7/10


Download from 64-bit



Download from 32-bit


Installation Notes:
  • You must be an administrator to install this program
  • You will be asked to reboot your computer when installation is complete

Our Customers:

Our customers include: Banks & Financial Institutions, Hospitals & Pharmaceutical companies, Schools, Government & Military Installations, and various other companies.

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Software Pricing:

Single-copy or Volume User Licenses of "Unlock Administrator" are available:

Number of licenses Unlock Administrator Unlock Administrator
Quantity 1-9 $39.95 each $49.95 each
Quantity 10-24 $35.95 each $44.95 each
Quantity 25-49 $33.95 each $42.45 each
Quantity 50+ $31.95 each $39.95 each

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Purchase Now


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All prices are in US dollars.

System Requirements

  • Windows 2000,XP,2008,Vista,2008,7
  • 1MB of free disk space
  • 16MB of RAM

Screen Shots

"Unlock Administrator" is simple to install, configure and integrates seamlessly into Windows.

 Please see the following screenshots:


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