About Us

e-motional.com is a division of ESM Software, an award-winning software developer
for system monitoring, security, access control solutions and corporate communications.

We offer custom software for all Windows platforms. 
We specialize in:

- Internet-based programming
- Display of real-time data/images
- Remote updating of data/images
- System security applications



We offer all of our software as "try before you buy": visit our Download page to access the free 7-day evaluation versions.


We offer IT professionals a range of system security products, including Transparent Screen Lock PRO, Transparent Screen Lock SMART, Transparent Screen Lock SMART CARD, and Transparent Screen Lock RFID.

These enable you to password protect access to your computer, while existing programs still run in the background.
Customers may maximize security with the use of a Smart Card or RFID, which may include an optional Proximity Sensor to automatically lock access to a computer system whenever the user steps away.


We take your privacy seriously. Learn more about our Privacy Policy here.


A sample of our Software Licensing Agreement may be found here. Site licenses and unlimited distribution rights are available.



  • FOR INFORMATION - info@e-motional.com
  • FOR PURCHASES - sales@e-motional.com
  • FOR PROVIDING FEEDBACK - feedback@e-motional.com
  • FOR TECHNICAL SUPPORT - support@e-motional.com



Yes. All of our software products are available as a free 7-day trial. The trial version of the software is fully functional, except that it will time-out after 7 days, so that you may evaluate the software directly within your environment. Please see our Download page for details.

1. The software can be purchased directly online on our Purchase page.

2. If you ordered online from one of our secure server processing partners (FastSpring or ShareIT), a Username and Registration Code will be e-mailed to you immediately following your order. If you do not receive these by email within 24 hours of your order, please send a message to us at support@e-motional.com.

3. If you ordered by purchase order from e-motional.com software, a Username and Registration Code will be e-mailed to you immediately. For any questions, please send us a message at support@e-motional.com.

1. A Software License is required for every computer system that the software is installed on. For example, if you use the software on 10 computers, you must buy 10 Software Licenses.

2. It is possible to purchase several Software Licenses at once. We provide volume discounts. Please see the product page for details.

3. When you purchase a Software License for multiple computer systems, you will be sent one Username and Registration Code. This will simplify software installation for multiple computers.

4. If you are placing a new purchase order, you may keep the same Registration Code that you received in a previous purchase. To do so, you must enter your existing Username in the order form exactly as it was before. Note that the Username is case-sensitive: including capital letters, spaces, periods, and special characters.

To uninstall (remove) one of our programs from your computer, use the Windows Add/Remove Programs menu. To do this, click on the Start button, select Settings, select Control Panel, open Add/Remove Programs, select the program you wish to uninstall, and then click on Add/Remove. 

1. In the possibility of a corrupted download, please try to download and install the software again

2. Please note that you must be an Administrator in order to install and configure the software. Please be sure to "Run as Administrator".

3. Please note that our software requires a Windows operating system. (See product page for a list of supported operating systems). We do not support Macintosh or Linux.

4. Please be sure to enter the Username and Registration Code exactly as shown in the software delivery email. Note that the Username is case sensitive: including capital letters, spaces, periods, and special characters.

All of our software programs include a "Help" file in the Software Download. All of the software configuration and installation options are described. If you have any additional questions, please contact us at support@e-motional.com.

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