Auto Web View

Personalize a screensaver as a corporate communications tool.
Display HTML webpagesimages, animated GIFs,
and update the display anytime, remotely.




(1) Personal Use

View your favourite informational web pages, animated GIFs and webcams.

Create a personalized newscast on your desktop, including:

- Local weather conditions
- Stock quotes and financial information
- Sports, news, webcams & more  


(2) Corporate Use

Send images and text bulletins to your employees' screens and update them remotely at any time. Display HTML pages from your Intranet or link to any page via the Internet. 

- Includes password protection and advanced administrative functions
- User settings and display list can be updated remotely at any time.



Unlimited Number of Content Screens

- Create a list of your favourite web pages, images, animated GIFs or videos, and automatically cycle through them for display. 

Remote Updating of Settings
and Display List

- Create a remote configuration file containing all of the screensaver settings, including the display list, and save it on your corporate web server. Update the information that your employees see at any time simply by replacing the file. 

Advanced Administrative Functions

- Password protect screensaver settings or limit the configuration program to Administrators.

Automatic Page Scrolling

- Allows you to view the entire page without touching a single key. 

Scrolling Marquee

- Display a text caption with each image. Options include: webpage/image name, current date and time, time elapsed since the screensaver started, personal message in any font and colour you choose.
- Includes multiple language support for the current date and time: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, German and Swedish.

Set/Configure Default System Screensaver

- Display Auto Web View content as your regular screensaver. Can also be set to run when no user is logged onto the system.

Fast Function Keys

Provide fast access to screensaver controls:

- Spacebar: Link directly to the current web page
- TAB: To advance to the next webpage in your list.

- Backspace: To return to the previous web page.

- F12: To refresh the view of the current web page.

- F1: To link directly to the website.

- Arrow keys: To scroll the current page.

Drag-and-Drop Support

- Quickly add new items to the Display List.

Group Policy Management

- Active Directory users can fully manage the screensaver using Group Policy (GPO). An Administrative template (autowebview.adm) that can read into your group policy editor is included.

Error Detection

- Display a default HTML page of your choice in the event of an error accessing the Internet or your corporate server.

Integrated Help File

- Includes detailed information on all of the screensaver settings and features.



Quantity 1-9

$ 49,95

USD each

Quantity 10-49

$ 44.95

USD each

Quantity 50+

$ 42.45

USD each

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