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Use your own images to create a digital photo album! Import your favorite photos from a digital camera or scanner, then add captions, transitions and background music. Save your images as wallpaper.

Corporate Send images and text bulletins to your employees via your corporate network, and update them at any time. Includes password protection.

NEW FEATURES for Version 6.0

  • Directory Synchronizing to reduce network traffic in a LAN environment (Corporate clients only);
  • Utility to set default system screensaver when no users are logged on to the system.

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Features of the e-motional Images Screen Saver:

  • Import your own images to create a Playlist, or play from a Directory:
    - Automatically cycle trough an unlimited number of JPEG, GIF, PNG or BMP images.
    - Import images from a scanner, digital camera or any TWAIN-compliant device - directly into the program in one step.
    - Image Preview: display a thumbnail preview of the images stored on your hard drive or network. No more guessing filenames when adding photos.
    - Includes "Drag and Drop" support: select one or several images from a directory, and drag them into your PlayList at once.

    - Includes sub-directory support when playing from a Directory. Play alphabetically or randomly.

  • Local Area Network (LAN) support (ideal for Corporate clients):
    - Read images and text messages from a directory on your network, and display bulletins on your employee's screens.
    - Has built-in network error detection: the screensaver will sense if your network is down, and revert back to displaying the local image list instead.
    Directory Synchronizing
    **: reduces LAN traffic by mirroring a copy of the updated images/text files onto the local system. If no changes have been made to the images, no file transfer occurs.

    ** This feature is intended for Corporate clients only, and is not available in the retail version. Please contact if you are interested in obtaining a corporate version.

  • Scrolling Marquee: Display a text caption of your choice with each image:
    - filename, the current date and time, time elapsed since the screen saver started;
    - GetRight download status;
    - or a personal message in any font and color you choose.
    - Includes multiple language support for the current date and time:
    English, French, Spanish, Portugese, Italian, Dutch, German and Swedish.
    - Includes user-configurable speed control of scrolling text message.
    Corporate clients: e-motional Images Screen Saver can read a text file stored on your LAN server, and send a bulletin to employee's screens at any time.

  • MP3 Enabled*! Play background music while viewing your images:
    - Select your favorite songs.
    - Select the order you want to play them in.
    - When the screen saver starts, your music will too.
    - Supports 12 audio formats including MP3, WAV and MIDI.
    - You can resume playing the music where it ended the last time the program ran.
    - Play your music CD's too: place a CD in your CD-ROM drive, and the the CD will begin playing when the screen saver starts.
    - A short MP3 clip of Pachelbel's Canon on D Major, performed by Lee Galloway, is included. To learn more about this talented pianist and to download more of his music, please click

  • Password Protection: protect your system from unauthorized access. Use the standard Windows Screen Saver password, or e-motional Images also provides the option of using your Windows Login or Novell Netware passwords for Win9x/Me.

GetRight GetRight-compatible: If you use GetRight to download files from the Internet, the e-motional Images Screen Saver will show you which files are downloading and the percentage completed. You don't have to disable your screen saver to keep track of your downloads.
  • Quick-Launch Icon. Click on the e-motional Images Screen Saver icon in your Windows tool tray to run the screen saver immediately, or for quick access to the configuration options.

  • Set/Configure the default system screensaver:
    - When no users are logged on to the system, the e-motional Images Screensaver can be set as the default screensaver.
    - Ideal for users of Win NT, XP or 2000.
    - Simply run the "Set LoggedOff Screensaver" utility from your Start/Programs/e-motional Images menu.

  • Dual-monitor support: float images from one screen to the other.

  • Wallpaper support: Save any image as your desktop wallpaper.
    - Automatically set the last image displayed as wallpaper,
    - Or, press "F5" to select current image as wallpaper.
    - Unique "TRICONS" feature (TRansparent ICONS) blends
    program icons into the wallpaper image. Enjoy the beauty of your
    wallpaper images with less desktop clutter. (see sample screenshot below)

  • Save your playlist of images to a file:
    - Create event-specific digital photo albums.
    - Save them to view later.

  • Enhanced Image Stretching. Our unsurpassed quality stretch option enhances images and removes the "blockiness" that occurs when images are resized to fit the desktop.

  • Fast-function-keys. Provide fast access to screens saver controls:
    - Press "F9": to display the next image in the list.
    - Press "F3": to mute/restore audio.
    - Press "F4": to advance to the next song in the list.
    - Press "F5": to set the current image as wallpaper.
    - Press "F1": to link directly to the website.

  • Highly Customizable. Customize the screen saver according to your preferences:
    - Images can be displayed in their original size, or scaled to any size you choose. Scaled images can have their aspect ratio preserved (to avoid stretched images)
    - Select how to position your images: centered, at random positions, or have the image float about the screen.
    - Control the length of time that each image is shown.
    - Control the speed of the scrolling text marquee.
    - Select from a number of transition effects between images.
    - Set the background to black, or any other color you choose.
    - Images selected from a directory can be cycled alphabetically or randomly.
    - Optional Password Protection, to avoid having someone access your computer when your screen saver is on.
    - Select a "splash screen" for your screen saver that will always be displayed first whenever the screen saver runs.
    Corporate Clients: create a custom LAN-based or Internet-enabled Screen Saver to communicate your corporate vision in a novel way. Contact for details.

  • Remote Administration: Active Directory users can fully manage the screensaver using Group Policy.  An Administrative Template (Auto Web View.adm) that can read into your group policy editor can be downloaded here.

*NOTE: you must have Windows Media Player installed to listen to MP3 music.
here to learn more.

"TRICONS" (TRansparent ICONS): Unique Feature

The e-motional Images Screen Saver supports "TRICONS" (TRansparent ICONS):
a unique feature developed by software.

TRICONS blends the program icons on your desktop into the wallpaper image.
The icon text blends in with the background, for a result that is pleasing to the eye.
Enjoy the beauty of your wallpaper images with less desktop clutter.

Here is an example of a desktop with and without the TRICONS feature enabled:

without TRICONS:


Note how the colored box around the text has disappeared,
so you can see the wallpaper image better.

To enable this option, please click on the 'Wallpaper' tab of the screen saver configuration menu,
and select the 'TRICONS' option at the bottom.

System Requirements

  • Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000 or XP
  • 1MB of free disk space
  • 16MB of RAM
  • 8-bit, 16-bit or 24-bit display graphics (256, 32K, or 16M colors).

Screen Shots

The following images illustrate some of the configuration options and potential uses of your screen saver. Click on an image to see it full-sized.

e-motional Images Screen Saver Product Awards & Reviews:

March 2003:
Awarded March 2003!

October 2003:
Awarded October 2003!

Most Comprehensive Screensaver I have come across!

5 Cows! 5 Stars!


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Corporate Customers:

Create a custom Screen Saver for your business.

Send bulletins to your employees, partners or clients. Choose between displaying images or webpages, and add an optional text message that scrolls across the bottom of the screen. Update your bulletins anytime, remotely, using a LAN or an Internet connection.

Alternatively, create a "canned" screensaver using a preselected list of images that does not update. Distribute to your clients on CD, or via download directly from your website.

Please click on corporate for more details.

Learn how to keep your corporate message and brand fresh --
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